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Playing with Flight UI - About My Process


This setup allows me to keep motivated while looking into different industries.


The Design Tools

If it is a new project, I pick my work as user waypoints. Aesthetic is not the focus when I first unpack a new design solution.


A digital product seeking optimal usability is measured in seconds.

If the testing supports it, these spreadsheet-style analyses can do some heavy lifting. It can help you avoid digging for unsupported answers.

Going for variations

It is justifiable to do this work upfront. It is most relevant when there is a natural way of playing with instinct and launching something that you trust will be accepted as per default.

Informed Intuition

The analysis is about filling in the gaps about the design destination. When someone clips and posts a poem, it defines the place for that community -- as long as it looks and feels like one.

Discover what piques my curiosity at the moment and take a look at the different apps available.

Starting a new project

I have found that of all the team collaboration tools I have used, discord works the best. I only ask for one alteration at the beginning of setting up a new workspace (or "server"). that is, give me channel so I and the rest of the team can put unrelated things. I will contribute to the vibe as well as welcome staying active on a new project.

Below is the research snippet I used to come up with the idea. It also works for new co-collaborators to the space. They now have a place to dial in on the mood of the place.

Unrelated channel useful as vibe lookup

Design Buddies Adobe Creative Career Friends of Figma Design Tropes
Server Suggestions [x] [x] [x] [ ]
Nostalgia Gallery [x] [ ] [ ] [x] 1
Perks [x] [ ] [ ] [x]
Emoji in channel name [x] [x] [x] [ ]
Resume Feedback [x] [ ] [ ] [ ]

1 - An easy way to bring nostalgia into a server is not to create a slide deck of all the inside-jokes, rather create an "unrelated news clippings" channel, for example.


These are just a few of the ways I like to work on projects that capture ambiguity into some structure. As a micro-process of the bigger picture, It eventually models the science that provides the design data in future deliverables.

Next Steps

Decide on a homepage title

google analytics 3 page titles

This is how long the previous iteration was up.

span of time webflow renepacchaux was up calendar

There is an opportunity for opening up my niche using one finished app at least.

coin term niche-ify

Merging Page Titles

I experimented the the titles of where my case studies would be listed. Exact Page Title Listings saved me here.

choosing exact match google analytics

I am also setting up a project timeline.

empty timeline

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